We specialize in gas piping installations, it's all we do! From new construction, remodels or adding a new gas appliance you can trust the professionals here at Kitsap Gas Piping.

Kitsap Gas Piping has been serving Kitsap County and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We work hard to make sure that our staff knows the process of completing your project so you don't have to!  

About Our Shop

LP Tank Final Connections ~ Our installers have special certifications for working with LP gas. We stock all materials necessary to complete connection of your customer owned LP tank. Including; 1st stage regulators, 2nd stage regulators, twin stage regulators, RV switch over regulators, pigtails, hoses and adapters.

​​​Have a single appliance that you want connected to LP gas? We have just the set up just for you! 

Call now and ask about our: 

(2) 30# LP Tank set up! It includes everything you need; LP tanks, gas, RV switch-over regulator, hoses and connection.

We do piping to:

Ranges/Cook tops * Fireplaces * Dryers *

Water Heaters * Furnaces * Generators *

BBQ's * Fire Pits * Outdoor Heating *

Underground Lines * Seismic Valves *

Restaurant Equipment * Coffee Roasters *

Pretty much anything you need gas piping to!

  • Free Estimates- Our friendly installers look at your project, make recommendations and take detailed site preview notes which makes for a smooth installation.

  • Knowledgeable Staff - We are constantly trying to improve our process to provide exceptional customer service.

  • Permit Services - Hire us to obtain the mechanical permit for your entire project including; Meter/LP tank, gas lines and appliances!

  • Natural Gas- As a keyed contractor with CNG for over 10 years, you can count on us to help you navigate and expedite your new natural gas service.

  • LP (liquid propane)- We have built extensive relationships with all local propane companies. They know we are a company that does high quality work and can trust that we will take the utmost care with their customers' piping needs.

  • Installation of gas Ranges/Cook tops- We can install your new gas range and modify existing gas piping to ensure a nice custom fit! Our installation charge includes installing anti -tip bracket, set height and level range, appliance connector hose and adjusting flame height. (Piping modifications may result in an additional charge for parts and/or labor.)

  • LP conversions on Ranges/Cook tops - Did you know that performing a conversion yourself can be very dangerous if done incorrectly and can void the appliance warranty? Have one of our professionally trained installers perform the LP conversion for peace of mind and optimum performance.